Gundam Ecosystem: Digital Tokens, NFT Marketplaces, Play-To-Earn Games, and More




NFTs and play-to-earn games are most interesting in the crypto space. They are unique and enhance the creativity of the users. The introduction of the metaverse will increase their demands further.

Keeping in mind the growing bullish sentiment, we decided to launch our own NFT marketplace and play-to-earn gaming platform. Equipped in our Gundam Token ecosystem is an edge-of-the-seat experience waiting for you.

NFT marketplace and gaming platform

We have created this real ultimeme token to prove the power of meme coins. Meme coins can be as powerful digital tokens as other cryptocurrencies. Similarly, we also understand the growing importance of the NFTs and P2E games. Hence, we included an NFT marketplace and a play-to-earn gaming platform in our Gundam ecosystem.

We will launch both NFT and the gaming platforms in Phase 4 of our roadmap. The gamers will be allowed to create NFTs out of their gaming experience. Everything in the game can be their NFT including, player skins, lands they own or win, clothes, etc. The gamers will earn a handsome passive income while enjoying their games. 

$CHAR will be used to process all the transactions on our NFT marketplace. We will launch our first line of NFTs for our community members soon after launching the NFT marketplace. Our NFTs will be unique, creative, and profitable. 

The Gundam community will benefit immensely from our NFT and gaming platform. Gundam investors will purchase the NFTs during the early phase so that they can sell at high profits later on. The gamers can sell their gaming experience as NFTs on our marketplaces and earn real-world money.  

Issues grappling the current NFT marketplaces

There are numerous NFT marketplaces currently operating in the crypto space. But these marketplaces have certain problems common with all of them. These issues include: 

  • Poor customer relationship: Many marketplaces do not have reliable customer support services. It negatively affects their relationship with the customers and hence, their growth.
  • Poor UI and UX: UI and UX stand for User Interface and User Experience, respectively. These measure users’ satisfaction while interacting with the marketplace: the less the users’ effort, the better the experience. Sadly, many marketplaces do not understand this simple concept.  
  • Confuses users: NFTs are still at an infancy stage. Hence, most users don’t have much knowledge regarding these marketplaces. Buying and selling artworks on these marketplaces is not easy, which adds to the user’s frustration. 
  • Non-transparent fee: NFTs are a part of a decentralized world which means no governing body. NFT marketplaces mold this feature to their benefit and charge high fees. So many marketplaces will force you to pay additional gas fees and conversion fees.

We thoroughly researched these issues and decided to solve them before launching our NFT marketplace. We have a dedicated customer support team to answer all the queries. No extra fees exist because we don’t like to work in the shadows. Overall, our goal is to launch an NFT marketplace that gives the ultimate user satisfaction.

What makes the Gundam Token the saviour? 

Gundam Token is the real ultimeme token launched to build a global community of crypto enthusiasts. Consider these solid reasons why the Gundam Token is the one for you:

  • Buyback and burn protocol: We have coded the buy-back and burn protocol in our Gundam control. It will help stabilize the token price and improve investor sentiment in low times.
  • Reliable customer support: We have a dedicated customer support team always up to answer all your queries. Whatever the issue is, we are always there to solve it for you.
  • Solid growth plans: We dream big just like you. We have developed the complete roadmap of how we will be growing our project. Wouldn’t you want to invest in a crypto project with a solid and clear roadmap?
  • Clear Tokenomics: We have specified our Tokenomics in our whitepaper. An 11% fee exists on all the transactions, which will eventually be used for buyback, rewarding holders, and sustaining the project. 
  • Multiple income streams: Soon, the Gundam ecosystem will have its NFT marketplace and play-to-earn gaming platform. This will enable the Gundam holders to diversify their income streams.

Impressed with our real ultimeme token? Get in touch with us on our official website and join the rapidly growing Gundam community.