Bitcoin SV Surges By Over 41% And Gets Closer To Litecoin




Between Friday and Saturday, Bitcoin SV (BSV) one of the most sub hard forks of the Bitcoin (BTC) network and direct hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has massively surged. The virtual currency backed by Craig Wright has recently surpassed other competitors such as EOS and Binance Coin (BNB) and is getting closer and closer to Litecoin (LTC).

Bitcoin SV Massively Surges

Bitcoin SV has massively surged in the last few hours after the submission of documents from Craig Wright to plaintiffs. One of the 428 documents provides details of how he holds billions of dollars in Bitcoin after the creation of the most popular digital currency in the world. Craig Wright claims to be involved in the mining of the first batch of Bitcoin side by side with Dave Kleiman.

The documents are called Tulip Trust III and they have 428 dossiers. The information about these documents was released by Brendan Jay Sullivan on Twitter on January 9.

The Plaintiff’s Motion to Seal reads as follows:

“Plaintiffs received this document for the first time on January 6, 2020, amongst a production of 428 other documents, without any explanation as to its late disclosure, or even an email pointing out this document had been produced.”

Meanwhile, Modern Consensus released an article explaining how Wright says he has the 1.1 million Bitcoins that were mined by Satoshi Nakamoto when Bitcoin was created 11 years ago. These 1.1 million Bitcoins are currently worth $8,886,900,000.

Bitcoin expanded in the last years as a cryptocurrency that aimed at changing the way in which cross-border transfers are made and it could also work as a store of value for investors. At the same time, since it was created, Bitcoin reached a maximum price of $20,000.

As Bitcoin SV expanded over 41% in the last 24 hours, other digital assets have also experienced moderated gains. For example, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the market, surged by 13.84% after the current market price movement.

Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), XRP and Litecoin (LTC) have also moved higher with growth rates of 3.68%, 4.29%, 4.18% and 9.08%, respectively. It will be interesting to see how these documents will affect the whole market, how they will impact Craig Wright’s future and whether they will be positive for the crypto space.